Conference and congress preparation

Congresses and conferences are particularly important areas within the meetings industry, characterized by professionalism, prestige, and the unique nature of each event. This is an area where knowledge transfer and the opportunity for personal exchange of experiences lead to the development of specific sectors and the economy as a whole. Working with national and international associations, organizations, and outstanding professionals requires extensive experience and long-term commitment.

Conferences and congresses hold a significant place in the activities of many companies and institutions. Such events have become a permanent fixture in the calendar of industry gatherings. Organizing a prestigious event not only highlights a company’s position as an industry leader but also serves as an excellent form of promoting products or services. Organizing conferences is an excellent opportunity to establish valuable relationships, exchange information, and expand your network of contacts.

Conferences and congresses are important events that carry a higher mission – they provide a space for knowledge transfer, bringing together professionals, facilitating the exchange of experiences, and fostering industry integration.

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Conferences and congresses

We have years of experience in organizing conferences and congresses, both online, hybrid, and 100% on-site. We offer support in every aspect of their implementation. We consult on the concept, ensure the highest level of expertise, engage speakers, and ensure that their presentations run smoothly, in accordance with the detailed script prepared.
“Depending on the needs, we can assist with graphic design, logistics, catering, promotion, PR activities, and all other aspects closely related to such projects.

We are aware that conferences and congresses are important events that carry a higher mission – they provide a space for knowledge transfer, bringing together professionals, facilitating discussions, mutual learning, and consultations.
In our portfolio, we can proudly showcase the organization of numerous conferences and congresses.

Organizers of conferences such as:

HR Tech Summit 2020

Cardionephrodiabetology Congress

LNE Fairs and Congress

Open Eyes Economy Summit Congress

International PEM Conference

D&I Changemakers Festival 2020

ABSL Digital Forum 2020

CEE SME Banking Club Conference 2020

46th Congress of Polish Psychiatrists

As part of our customer support, we provide

selection and reservation of objects

selection of partners and suppliers

event communication coordination

managing contact with speakers

3D visualizations

graphic design

video and photo services

technological consultancy related to conference technology

project and risk management

billing and reporting

Organization and service of conferences and congresses


Organizing congresses and conferences, regardless of their purpose, is always a challenge. It is a complex process that requires precise planning, excellent logistics, creativity and professionalism. In order for the project to be successful, you need to take care of every, even the smallest detail. The more participants we want to invite, the more serious and demanding the matter becomes. Our team consists of experienced specialists in the field of. The event manager has extensive knowledge and skills that allow us to provide comprehensive services at every stage of organizing such an event.


We provide support in organizing scientific conferences on various topics, both on a national and international scale. We collaborate with scientists, universities, research institutions, and other scientific entities. We ensure the organization of high-quality scientific conferences regardless of their type. By utilizing our resources, we focus on professionally organizing events that are of interest to specialists in a given field, such as doctors or researchers. By investing in comprehensive conference services, you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly. Organizing conferences in Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, or other top locations is one of the pillars of our activities. We have extensive experience in this area. We organize scientific conferences throughout Poland and provide support at every stage of the project’s implementation.

Organization of medical conferences

A medical conference is a gathering where doctors, scientists, and other professionals in the field of medicine present and discuss the latest achievements, discoveries, and innovations in the field of healthcare. Medical conferences typically take the form of lectures, poster presentations, panel sessions, and workshops.

The goal of medical conferences is to increase knowledge and awareness among professionals in the medical field, as well as facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices among participants. During conferences, participants can learn about the latest trends in disease treatment, diagnostics, and work methods that assist healthcare professionals in their daily practice.

Topics discussed at medical conferences include: Cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, neurological disorders, cancer, as well as topics related to bioethics, healthcare management, and modern technologies in medicine are among the subjects discussed at medical conferences.

Medical conferences are an important tool for professional development for doctors and other healthcare professionals as they provide an opportunity to learn about new methods and technologies, exchange experiences, and establish connections with other specialists.

Organization of conferences for companies

Corporate conferences are an excellent way to integrate teams, exchange information, educate and improve skills, as well as promote organizational values and culture. Our offer includes comprehensive organization of corporate conferences, including planning, design, logistics, technical support, content management, promotion, and marketing. We act as a support for our clients at every stage of organizing corporate conferences, ensuring the highest quality of services.

In our portfolio, you can find various forms of conferences – we organize both in-person events as well as online or hybrid conferences. Our task as a conference organizer is to provide the best solutions so that you can achieve your business goals. We ensure efficient organization and comprehensive support for corporate events throughout Poland.

step by step conference

The organization of congresses and conferences requires extensive experience and effective consideration of a large number of various factors. We would be happy to assist you in the comprehensive organization of your event. We will take care of creating an attractive event concept and provide a venue with professional equipment and facilities. Our team will plan your event from start to finish well in advance. We are with you every step of the way, providing support during consultations and throughout the preparation process. We will carefully select the best venue and tailor each element to meet your specific requirements and objectives. We will create an engaging event script and provide multimedia equipment to enhance the overall experience. We will take care of preparing conference packages, provide support in promotion and PR activities, as well as offer professional advice and assistance during the organization of accompanying events. Thanks to this, everything will be carried out without unnecessary complications.


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