New trends in organizing meetings and events for 2023, or where the event industry is heading.

Over the years, we can observe that the event industry has undergone numerous changes. The year 2023 is another one that has brought many novelties while also continuing the developmental directions from previous years. We have decided to gather the most important forecasts for the meetings and events industry in the coming months and draw conclusions for the future.

The great comeback of in-person events.

According to industry experts. to industry specialists, in 2023, in-person events will play a crucial role in the event industry. Live events have made a full-fledged comeback, which is a delightful development. The reason for optimism is primarily that people want to participate in such gatherings and are willing to incur travel expenses. However, it should be noted that while the return to in-person events is happening faster and on a larger scale than anticipated, the situation is likely to stabilize only in the coming year. Nevertheless, the sentiments among experts involved in such ventures are positive.

Hybridity and technological capabilities, along with online safety, are important aspects to consider.

Digital technologies have been an integral part of the contemporary world’s landscape for several years. The advancing and increasingly pervasive digitization has reached almost every aspect of life, exerting a significant impact on the economy. Despite the gradual return to in-person events, online and hybrid events continue to enjoy immense popularity among participants. In 2023, the market for virtual and hybrid event organization is certainly not going to slow down its pace. The changing realities have shown that technology can offer exciting possibilities for creating digital projects that can be just as thrilling as live ones. On the other hand, certain challenges have emerged. In the context of planning online meetings, it is impossible not to mention security. Therefore, it is crucial for all such experiences to prioritize caution at every stage of event preparation, in order to avoid traps set by cybercriminals. The solutions available at present offer creators numerous powerful possibilities for creating diverse, engaging, and simultaneously secure online meetings.

Challenges related to ecology.

One of the most important trends in almost every industry is ecology and social responsibility in business. Indeed, such issues will certainly have an impact on the event industry. In 2023, we will talk even more about values and responsibility in the context of event organization. It will be crucial to pay attention to the impact of specific event activities on the natural environment. Shaping ecological awareness will no longer be just a “pleasure” but a fundamental obligation for each of us. Event organizers can play a very significant role in the fight for a better climate. Their task will be to minimize the negative impact of travel and meetings on the environment.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion.

The year 2023 will be a time of challenges for the event industry regarding building a community where every participant can feel valued. Organizers must approach the organization of multicultural events in a responsible manner, respecting and appreciating the diversity of the participants. At the same time, event creators must ensure equal access for all individuals, regardless of their background, status, disability, cultural heritage, or level of ability. A key factor in success has become a focus on the needs of event participants who seek authenticity, communication, and relationship building. Meeting such needs can only be achieved through attentive listening to participants, analysis, and continuous improvement of programs. It can be anticipated that if the coordinated efforts of event project creators are taken into account, future events will become more inclusive and accessible to all. The year 2023 holds promising prospects in this regard.